Möjliga leveransformat för undertexter.

Available subtitling formats upon delivery.

Screen PAC files, Scantitling 890 files, EBU STL files,

Authoring systems:
Adobe Encore CS3 text files, Avid DS Nitris text files, Caption Inc CIN files, MicroDVD SUB files, Microsoft Excel CSV files, Sonic DVD Creator script files, Spruce Maestro STL text files, SubRip/ASS SRT files, Texas Instruments DLP Cinema XML files, Windows Media Player SAMI caption files

Graphic Bit Map for SD and HD Blu-ray and DVD authoring systems:
Sonic Scenarist Blu-ray PNG streams, Final Cut Pro CMX 3600 EDL streams, Pinnacle Expression DVD, NetBlender DoStudio and other professional DVD authoring system formats.